Friday, July 31, 2009

Sushi Cupcakes!

Oh man, I have been talking about making these forever! I finally got around to it...thanks in part to the fact that Jeff is having a sushi party tomorrow night, so that gave me the perfect excuse.

I am not going into the baking part/recipe for these. They are just a basic white cake with a basic vanilla frosting. Now for the pictures!!!

Here are all of the cupcakes together (yes, i only made 7 because i ran out of fondant...more on that later):

Here are some kind of a sushi roll (feel free to use your imagination)'s black fondant in the place of seaweed, twizzlers, gummy worms, and other candy as the fish, and nonpareils as the rice:

And here is another "roll" featuring jelly beans in the place of roe and, again, black fondant for seaweed:

Last but not least, the sashimi...too funny. It's just a swedish fish tied on with a small piece of black fondant as the seaweed...although I am sure you figured that out by now.

So, I had intended to make 2 dozen sushi cupcakes, but I ran out of fondant after 7 cupcakes mostly because I bought the pre-made kind and half of it was dry and cracked....lame. Oh well, 7 is better than none. And there are still 2 dozen cupcakes, it's just that the 17 that aren't shown do not resemble sushi whatsoever.

This was my first foray into fondant and although I bought the pre-made kind, I would have to say it went pretty well. Next time I'll try making it myself! It is safe to say that my rolling pin has made his way back into my good graces :)

Makes me want to eat real sushi!!

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Startup Wife said...

Those are sooooooooo cute!

Love cupcakes. Love sushi. What a perfect melding of the two :)

Oh man, now I'm craving sushi AND cupcakes ...